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Perseverance undoubtedly remains the key to
success. As part of the restructuring of
his huge business conglomerate, President Aliko Dangote has
appointed D.V.G Edwin on the pedal as
vice-president oil/gas, ++++ of his group. A great consecration
for this tireless worker who has served this
group for many years.
The nomination of this illustrious personality as
vice-president of Dangote Group of companies comes to crown
many years of work from this man who
makes work his credo. He has reached this level within the
conglomerate thanks obviously to results which
brought satisfaction to the top management
especially to his boss the Nigerian USD billionaire Aliko
Dangote, who sees in him a trusted lieutenant with
whom he can handle the different
companies that make up the Dangote group. Now becoming
the second personality within this
Megastructure, it is clear that he will continue to lead
all important missions that are of interest to
this conglomerate whose worldwide recognition
is not disputable. Moreover, the figures are a
clear demonstration of its impact in the world of
business. Indeed, the Dangote group is a
Conglomerate with a turnover of near 50
Billions of dollars. Its activities include
mainly an oil Petroleum refinery worth 20 billion dollars, sugar milling factory, a mega fertilizer plant, giant cement factories in 17 countries in Africa and 20 billion developpement projects ongoing in Africa, which is also present in
Cameroon as well as in certain African countries. He
also has a large agricultural project
particularly tomato production. Other
Sectors such as sugar, salt, brewery
with great impact on the African economy
yielding huge profits for the Group.
According to Forbes magazine, it records 10 billion Dollars
Anual revenue . The cement market has
generated great profits for the company, which earned it
the nickname “king of cement”. It also controls the
Sugar market, which also brings in heavy
Profits. This is to say that Dangoté group still has
brighter days ahead and with the appointment of a
great skill man of that category,
It’s but obvious that greater achievements and more figures
will continue to rain in the accounts of Dangote group

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